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Risen Flower Pan ( Frying Pan )

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'Risen' pursue the world No.1 premium high quality, natural friendly and eco-friendly cookware products to make the market with the customers' satisfaction and health to realize their own best value. 


Risen has done research and development for fry pans with new concept since 2002 and kept trying to make the best products, which comes from our its pride that it has applied an innovative dual-indirect heating technique since 2003. 


Risen's Flow Pan has following strengths :


1) The world's first special 2 layer structure indirect-heating method frying pan

2) Even temperature spreads on cooking surface, it maintains the optimum cooking temperature

3) It maintains moist and preserves the tender and flavor to the best 

4) New concept of patented technology will provide a healthier cooking as it prevents 'burnt' or 'overcooked'

5) High quality of product with non-sticking cooking

6) The design will fit to your life style as it is motivated from flowers 

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Risen Flower Pan _ Fying Pan _

Risen Flower Pan _ Fying Pan _

Risen Flower Pan _ Fying Pan _

Risen Flower Pan _ Fying Pan _